How Social Media Could Land You Your Next Job

Social media’s role and is the sole reason for its meteoric rise to stardom in our society is it gets people connected. Incidentally, that is also what it takes for an applicant to land the next job that will get his name of that nasty statistic of being unemployed. With social media, theirs is no hurry of waking u early to scour the city of your next employment opportunity. An applicant only needs to simply know how to maneuver himself through the twisting crevices of social media that might lead some to nowhere.

Before we spew out any advice, one has to determine first on how he or she plans to leverage social media for employment. Are you planning to take on a social media role or will you be only using it as a bridge to gap the distance between you and your next role in an organization? We’re going to briskly tackle the latter.


Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn has done a lot to people to build off credibility. Joining its community is free and being part of it ensures that you somehow have an online backup of what you claim to be on your CV. It’s a service that stacks up your resume on the global job searching community, where both employer and job seekers run about. The service also has integrated a good merit system, which rewards your profile referral points for doing a good job from past experiences.

Honestly though, one doesn’t have to exert too much effort on building an awesome LinkedIn profile to get noticed by a company who is seeking talents. There are reports that businesses are looking no further than the social networks we use everyday namely Facebook and Twitter to find candidates.

 What Does This Mean For You?

I’ve had many instances in where I’ve helped a friend land his next job through Facebook and Twitter. Because we now know that your online profile in social networking sites plays a role on how will your next employer look at you, here are tips you need to implement.

  • Upload decent looking pictures
  • Avoid profanity in your timeline posts
  • Use professional looking profile picture and cover photo
  • Fill up your profile description with your competencies
  • Fill up educational and work background
  • Keep your details updated especially the address and contact information
  • Join Groups to broaden your network
  • Know how to use privacy setting on each post to determine which things are seen in public
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your friends, group members and fan pages for job opportunities on Twitter follow job posting sites to be updated with recent openings


Your Social Media Profile is Your Personal Brand

Ultimately, what you’re doing is building your personal brand. This is for you to stand out positively through the eyes of talent seekers who are scouring these social media sites to verify not only your identity but they are also using these are powerful tools to judge you as their potential employee. 

Sunny Popali is SEO Director at TempoCreative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.

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