How to lose 10 pounds of weight in a month?

Is it possible? Most people who underwent weight loss said that they were able to do it. But is it safe? Dietitians allow this realistic decrease in weight since it is still a healthy goal. However, increasing it to 20 or 30 pounds will cause the person to undergo extreme measures in one’s diet or work out and might even be harmful to one’s health. So here are the ways on how to lose 10 pounds in a month:

Watch what you eat and drink

Make a list of your daily menu. Check its caloric content on the internet and compute for its total amount. To reach the 10 pounds decrease in weight, you only need to be taking in 500 calories a day. So you might be removing or replacing majority of your food to low calorie alternatives. Instead of drinking high calorie chocolate milk shakes it will be best to replace it with fruit substitute like the Medifast shakes. Also try to eat small servings of the dishes during meal time. Instead of eating junky snacks switch to fruits and
vegetables. It will provide you with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Shy away from alcoholic drinks and soda, they have a high calorie content. For this one-month period stick with water or fresh fruit juices, it is healthier and has low glucose content.

Work out

For you to experience weight loss fast, you also need to have a good exercise program. A fine example will be doing Cardio exercise like biking and brisk walking every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday while on the remaining days except Sunday, you may do strength training like Bench press and dumbbell rows. The cardio workout will help in burning fats while the strength training will help in building muscles and improve metabolism while sweating out fats.

We must remember that this can be achievable in a month time especially if you continue to remain on it and incorporate it into your lifestyle. Doing so would ensurethat you’d achieve the goal you’ve set and you’ll stay there. More importantly, you will be in good physical condition and more resistant to health problems.

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