Hypnosis For Pain Management During Labour And Childbirth

Hypnobirthing refers to the use of hypnosis as a means of managing pains associated with childbirth. This process can help pregnant women become mentally and physically relaxed as they give birth, so they can have a pain-free and peaceful delivery as possible. According to researchers, hypnosis can serve as an effective and natural analgesic in reducing the use of drugs and pain medication. The process may also enable women to control their breathing during labor and obtain psychological benefits from staying calm and relaxed.

Clinical Studies on the Effectiveness of Hypno-birthing

Several researchers conducted a study on the effects of using hypnosis during childbirth, as compared to a non-hypnosis method. In the clinical trial, those who used hypnosis during labour and childbirth experienced less intense pain, and there was no need for them to use drugs or analgesics. Researchers also discovered that the use of hypnosis reduced the level or amount of medical intervention given to women who are in labour. This has led to fewer health risks and problems to women and their newborn babies.

Another study reveals the psychological benefits that hypnosis offers. Pregnant women who applied hypnosis rarely suffered from postpartum depression. This method also helped them manage other problems linked with pregnancy and labour such as anxiety and nervousness.

Women who are currently in their second or third trimester were found to be more suggestible, so it was easy for them to use hypnosis. Based on the Harvard Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale, the suggestibility of women has also increased as they reached the latter phases of pregnancy, and they have obtained a higher score in the creative imagination scale. The results show that there is indeed a great reason for women to use hypnosis during labor and childbirth.

Benefits of Hypnosis for Pain Management

Hypnosis helps pregnant women manage pain and discomfort during labor. Typically, the preparation for the application of hypnotherapy in labor and childbirth begins early in the pregnancy. A registered and professional hypnotherapist can take women through the necessary steps in using hypnosis when they deliver their baby. Some women who are receptive to this form of therapy may only need to attend a few sessions to become adept on how to use self-hypnosis, which can help them breathe properly and relax during labor.

Numerous researchers and medical practitioners have discovered several benefits of using hypnotherapy during childbirth. For instance, most pregnant women experienced a decreased labor time, fewer pains and complications, and less dependency on pain medications or drugs such as epidurals. Women who took up hypnotherapy sessions early in their pregnancy also experienced a pain-free and more pleasant childbirth experience.

According to several women, hypnosis has helped them tolerate the discomfort associated with labor and childbirth. They have felt that the pressure and contraction of muscles were not intense or unbearable, and there was no pain linked with this condition. Hypnotherapy for childbirth helps women become optimistic, relaxed and less stressful. Furthermore, they are able to develop a positive outlook during pregnancy, which also enhances the unborn child’s psychological health and well-being.

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