Knee Highs and Leather Straps: 2013 Fashion and Sexy Touches

Last year was a big year for female sexual empowerment with the mainstream breakout of the 50 Shades trilogy. Yes, the bondage friendly fiction romance novel that has often been snubbed as ‘porn for housewives’ hit the mainstream American audience hard but its biggest impact so far might only just be coming in 2013. Fashion has sometimes been called a way to tap into the collective unconscious and taking a look at some of the spring/summer 2013 collections we can safely say that sex is what’s on our collective minds.

Ever since last year fashion critics have been trying to tie the romance epic to what celebrities were wearing. To give them some credit last year was a big year for neutral colours, grey in particular but this has been a trend for several years. Grey dresses have been popular for quite some time and just because plain grey tees have been getting popular of late it doesn’t mean that 50 shades was on everybody’s minds.

But then, if you take a look at recent fashion trends you start to see a pattern emerge: nude dresses, leather accessories, see-through touches for shoes and boots, they all seem to point at a turn towards less extravagant, single colour dresses and suits with added contrasting touches. Biker Booties and studded shoe wear in general has also become quite mainstream. Spend more than 5 minutes in Soho and you’re bound to see a pair of shoes covered in metal studs, ranging from boots to ballerina flats. Lacy, fishnet booties have also shown up in several big spring/summer 2013 fashion previews.

But perhaps the biggest and most obvious headway that kink has made into our wardrobe in the last year and in the year to come is through the return of rubber and leather, with the latter one featuring heavily in several big name 2013 previews, including collections from such big names as Max Azria, Jason Wu and Herve Leger. Leather belts, studded leather shoes and boots, leather harnesses and even leather skirts stole the show and their bondage affectations were attributed by many to the style of legendary photographer Helmut Newton although many others attributed to the revival of kink sparked by Fifty Shades.

Last but not least this year and very likely the next as well we saw a lot of love for sexy, sexy tights who are no longer a niche phenomenon and have busted into big name brands like Wolford, who now have new cut outs and stylish fishnets on sale.

Sexy sells only oftentimes you have to make sure that you’re not straying away from sexy and into kinky territory. With this upcoming year’s sensual bend you can forget all about that and wear your most provocative things and draw looks of admiration rather than outrage.

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