Music | Canada Verses America In The Music War And Decline Of The Music Industry

So many years ago America came out with a couple of great bands similar to Green Day, The Offspring, and Blink 182. These bands did a wonderful work earning awards similar to most appropriate stone group, most appropriate new stone group, most appropriate song video, most appropriate stone manuscript and ample more! Seeing how renouned they were, Canada dismissed back with bands similar to Sum 41 and Simple plan. Both were great bands that played the same type of song as Blink 182, The Offspring and Green Day. So the competition began as America introduced My Chemical Romance, Jet and Linkin Park who were moreover really successful particularly Linkin Park who won preferred substitute artist for 3 not similar years. Soon after high quality of the competition proposed to make worse when America constructed Miley Cyrus, the teenager cocktail idol. This proposed the period of mainstream, low high quality “pop” music. After Miley Cyrus, Canada brought out all it had to advance out with Justin Bieber, the greatest assault on American the public since the 9/11, brainwashing millions of infirm young girls. America’s next endeavor unsuccessful severely when you put out Rebecca Black… and I won’t even go there… So the next and last assault to date was Canada bombing us with Carly Rae Jepson and her unhappy forgive for a song “Call Me Maybe.” Only God can save our song now.

This unending fighting between countries used to bring wonderful song to the world but right away it only destroys the attention by developing song directed at people that will similar to a established organisation since how they look or how they act. It isn’t about the song anymore, it’s about who’s posing is to print shoots, who gets the most girls, and who has the most appropriate hair. The world of song is more similar to the world of conform and appearance. This needs to end because with all of these new cocktail artists that do not work hard at all to obtain where they are there are reduction opportunities is to tiny bands and artists that fool around in bars and tiny joints. The not as big bands have been forced out of business and thus were without a job. This new look on song moreover causes already successful and great bands to change their type to encounter the flourishing air blower bottom for pop. By carrying out this you are getting reduction and reduction high quality song from bands that were once great. Come on America and Canada, free-for-all with improved song and do it so everybody understands that song is not the art of being “cool”, it is the art of sound.


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